Beauty shots with Lia
Vocatio Rubra
A contemporary and glamour madonna
Red Seduction
Un piccolo progetto personale ispirato all'iconografia delle tentazioni di S.Antonio da Padova
Salvatore Castellano
Bros Quartet
Vagues Sax Quartet
Alessandro Taverna
A series of portraits of the classical pianist Alessandro Taverna
MADeIN Dance Company
Dance company performing a choreography with two men on a wheelchair and two able-bodied dancers
Ustupu Trough The Lens
In 2013 the ONG Fotografi Senza Frontiere has created a laboratory of photography in the island of Ustupu (Kuna Yala - Panama) for the local teenagers, to provide them with all the tools, both physical and of consciousness, useful to represent themselves with the photographic image, as well as autonomously create a collective memory of a society and a culture that are disappearing.
Personal project about human condition.
The Head Liners
A series of portraits of the most notable copywriters in Italy.
Art Directors
Portraits of the most notable Art Directors in Italy.
The face of music
A series of emotional portraits of people who live with music
Salvatore Accardo
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