Paolo Profeti - Sax
One day I asked myself how I could shoot a portrait of a musician without any explicit reference to instruments or stage: taking out everything, the passion for music is the only thing to remain, doesn't matter if it's rock, classical, jazz or whatever.
So I started this series of "emotional" portraits of musicians, singers, song writers and conductors, creating a sort of sample case of feelings. Pictures are taken while people are listening at or thinking about music; sometimes we were in a complete silence and everything was happening in their mind.
Beatrice Venezi - conductor
Gianmaria Bellisario - Violin
Simone Di Crescenzo - Piano
Luca Barzi - Electric Bass
Beatrice Venezi - conductor
Daniel Smith - Conductor
Alteria - Singer
Alessia Bellisario - Viola
Massimiliano Forleo - Song writer and singer
The project is goin' on and I'm still looking for new volunteers

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